Embossed Leather

Embossed hornback crocodile on cowhides is available in 2 colors- red and black on top-coat protected leather. Uses include upholstery for home, office, and automobile as a decorative touch as well as full coverage.  The more natural looks are the full grains, while the bright colors of the top-coat protected add dramatic highlights to a variety of projects.  The top-coat protected embossed hornback crocodile is available in a deep black and vibrant red.  These two colors are embossed with the head.  We also have a limited inventory of embossed ostrich half hides, top-coat protected, in 2 colors-golden tan and vibrant black.  Besides furniture pieces and auto reupholstery, these embossed leather is suitable for many projects such as pillows, wall tiles, headboards, purses, belts, journals, accents with other leathers or fabrics, etc.—all that your imagination will allow.