Upholstery Leather

As a major buyer of leather throughout the world, 4HIdes is privy to special purchases and volume-buying discounts. Leather, like fine wine, is available in many varieties, strengths and colorations — at market prices to match. Several times a year, 4Hides visits tanneries in search of quality and options in fine leather. We then stock our “cellar” with outstanding selections in softness, colors and types of leather to fit the needs of our discriminating customers.

All our leather is great for Auto Upholstery applications except the Wax/Oil Pull-Ups.
Our Aircraft Certified Upholstery Leather is FAR 23 & 25 registered.

Note: If you are a qualified, commercial upholstery business, you can request our free 60 sample swatch catalog by calling our office at 800-748-2150.

Other customers may select up to 6 free samples below.

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Fall/Winter Sale on Selected top-grain leather hides - Sale Price $2.79 s.f. while supply lasts.
(40 s.f. hide would be $111.60 plus shipping).  Hides average 35 to 45 s.f.