Vegetable Tanned Leather

VEGETABLE-TANNED LEATHER is tanned using tree bark and various other plants. It comes in various thicknesses and colors. Characterized by its firmness, strength and lack of elasticity, vegetable-tanned leather is used for a variety of purposes, including crafts (e.g., leather carving, leather stamping, etc.), belts, saddles, harnesses, holsters, shoe soles and some luggage. Vegetable-tanned leather features a nice, smooth finish with the color struck through.

Tens of thousands of satisfied customers count on Rich Leather for just the right product and price:
3/4 oz Natural Sides$5.30
5/6 oz Natural Sides$5.40
5/6 oz Natural Culatas, Sides$5.75
7/8 oz Natural Sides$6.65
9/10 oz Natural Culatas$6.75
9/10 oz Black Finish Struck-thru Culatas$7.75
9/10 oz Walnut Struck-thru Culata$7.75
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What are Culatas?

The hide is cut across the back behind the double shoulder with the belly and hind quarters left on--gives maximum yield, especially for long and wide cuts--average 30 sq. ft.


Double Bend - 9 to 10 ounces, 18 to 24 square feet

Double Bends (Level 1 and Level 2)

The double bend comes from the back of the animal, from the shoulders to the butt area. It is the thickest part of the hide and is practically free of blemishes, such as wrinkles or barbed wire scars, that occur in other cuts of leather. 

Cutting Double Bends for Highest Belt Yield

Natural Double Bend is the ideal choice for beautiful, high-quality belts. The size of Double Bends lets you cut extra-long belts and straps with minimal waste. The diagram (far right) shows you how to cut belts without any waste.

Double Shoulder - various thicknesses, 11 to 15 square feet

V-Cut Double Shoulders

Available with a natural or black plate finish. These untrimmed double shoulders still have minimum waste and cost less per square foot! 

Vegetable-Tanned Side Leather

On an average 35"-wide side (shown below), there are approximately 10" from which you can get 8'-long straps and approximately 20" from which you can get 7'-long straps.
(Note: 20" also includes 10" from which you get the 8' straps.)