Leather Uses


Automotive Leather

For over 40 years, Rich Leather has been a top provider of leather for automobile restorers. We have the variety and selection to make your classic car outstanding.

If you are reupholstering your daily “ride”, we have a wide selection of leather for vehicles that are used on a daily basis and require more protection from wear and tear of frequent use. Should you want to match your existing leather, you will need to mail us a sample so we can check our inventory for something close. Note that custom dyeing is available as well. 

Most of our collections can be used in automobile applications. You make the selection based on the color and feel you want.

Upholstery Leather for Furniture

Whether you are re-upholstering a favorite piece of furniture or just repairing part of the unit, contact us for best leather selection from full-grain to top-coated protected hides. Should you want to match your existing leather, you will need to mail us a sample so we can check our inventory for something close. Note that custom dyeing is also available. 

Our In-Stock special leather is a valued product for upholstery needs. A top-grain leather with a pebble-like grain, it has the softness and textured appeal desirable for furniture that will see a lot of everyday use. The careful and complex process allows the dyes to penetrate the hide until there is a saturation of color throughout the hide. This is followed by a finish to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the leather. This is a selection at very competitive prices.

Prime is the next collection with a subtle pebble-like grain. This leather has a softness and texture ideal for all upholstery and automotive needs. It has a topcoat protection and is soft and supple.

Supersoft is also a top-grain leather but it is embossed with a fine hair-cell plate. The application of concentrated surface pigment produces bright, vibrant colors without sacrificing a very soft hand. This process translates to greater yield and is the preferred leather for showroom and fine-living upholstery.

Full Grain leather is the choice for heirloom fine furnishings and for those leather purists who want the patina of leather as it ages. While it may not be the best for kids, cats or dogs (or anyone who likes eating on their sofa), it has a luxurious look and feel for treasured designer furniture.


Tens of thousands of satisfied customers count on Rich Leather for just the right product and price.

Hair on Hides make great rugs and room decorations

Aircraft Leather

FAA-approved leather is available for your light aircraft needs. We are increasing our selections regularly to include the popular colors and styles. Several of the colors in many of our collections are already FAA-approved. We can also have other colors treated to meet the FAA specifications.

Clothing and Handbag Leather

Looking for supple, beautiful leather for clothing? We have access to some of the nicest garment-weight leather at very affordable prices. Cowhide garment leather comes in half-hides that average 25 square feet and are approximately 1.5 ounces (0.7 mm) thick. In-stock colors include chocolate, white, and black (minimum order 1 hide). Other colors are available for special purchase (minimum order 200 square feet).

For more colors and additional information, please contact us.