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If you have a current leather project, fill out the information below and we will send you several FREE leather samples in the color(s) you request.  If you are an upholstery company, include your company name.  NOTE:  Do NOT select multiple swatch samples—instead select the color sample that best reflects the color range you want.  As an example, if you select Canada Wine as the color you want, our Sample Department will mail you swatches of several different leathers in that color range.  Because we distribute for many tanneries, you may receive samples that are not shown on our web site, as well as the Canada Wine sample.  

If you are looking for a generic color and range, such as Black,  that is all you need to put on your swatch color request.  If you want a general color range, you can also just request “dark red, medium gray, etc.”  Listing a color and the range (light, medium, or dark) will help us get the right samples to you.  If you want samples of many colors, we suggest you call our Sales Office and purchase our Swatch Set ($10) that has samples of over 50 leathers.
If you are trying to MATCH  or get “close to” an existing leather color, DO NOT submit swatch request--you will need to mail us a sample of the leather you are trying to match so we can see what we have available to send to you.  If that is not possible, try to find a paint swatch card with the color you need and mail that to us.

NOTE:  Leather is sold by the FULL HIDE and priced by the square foot.  Minimum purchase is 1 hide.
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Please be very specific. For example, Brown is not descriptive, but light coffee brown is. You can also request a color sample by our collection color and name.
Occasionally, we send out an email newsletter that contains special sale pricing on leather hides.

If you have questions, call our Sales office at 800-748-2150.