In Stock Specials starting at $3.39 per square foot

Minimum Order 1 Full Hide
Leather is sold by the hide, but measured and priced by the square foot.  Average hide is approximately 50 square feet.  NOTE: Browsers display colors differently - request a sample of the specific swatch you feel will work for your project.

IN-STOCK SPECIALS are a leather bargain you won’t find anywhere else. Several times a year, Rich Leather makes special purchases of leather hides at reduced prices, which we can then offer to our customers at remarkable savings. In making these purchases, we look for soft hand, popular colors and special selections. You will find great savings on these purchases, but keep in mind that our In-Stock Specials change regularly and may be limited in quantity. E-mail or call us today for more information regarding these fantastic leather bargains. In Stock Specials are an unbeatable bargain!