Hair On Hide Kiosk Program

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Sell Hair on Hides in Your Showroom
Through High-Tech Kiosk

Benefits to you:

  • Your customer can see hundreds of hair on hides in your showroom using our beautiful 50” display kiosk.
  • They view the exact hide they want to order, click to purchase, and are directed to your Sales counter where you collect payment.
  • We are notified by you at time of sale, and the hide is shipped the next business day—direct to your store or direct to your customer—your choice.
  • Because we inventory, pack, and ship the hides, you do not have to use your business location for physical display and inventory of 100’s of hides.
  • The kiosk program allows you to set and maintain your own profit margins.

The cost to you:

  • We are currently test marketing our original kiosk system at no cost to you.
  • You pay for the hides you sell at time of sale either by a credit card on file with our company or you can call us each time and provide the payment information.  This allows us to provide you with the best price possible since we do not carry open accounts.

Rich Leather International, Inc. has been distributing leather hides for over 30 years.  The Hair on Hide Sales Kiosk is our latest design to fit the needs of merchants and their customers, allowing purchases through your store at the convenience of your customer.  Our large warehousing facilities make it easy for you to offer hundreds of hair on hides in a beautiful, large, full-color, professional display without using your valuable retail space for inventory and shipping.

Please view our informational video and contact us for full details on our kiosk program. You can call us at 800-748-2150.  We look forward to talking to you soon.  Or, feel free to email us at or 


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